Comprehensive Eye Exams in Rocky Mount, NC

The optometrists at Rocky Mount Eye P.A. provide complete vision care for the entire family. This care usually starts with an eye exam. Regular eye exams can help protect your eye health and avoid vision problems down the road. Located in Rocky Mount, NC, we provide the eye care you need in a professional, comfortable environment.

Eye Exams

We recommend that children have their first complete exam by age four, or sooner if problems are suspected by the parent or pediatrician. As a child's eyes grow, their focusing abilities may change. This is why adolescents often require frequent eyeglass prescription changes. Vision tends to stabilize in the mid - twenties, but as patients get a little older, their risk for eye disease increases. For these reasons, we recommend complete eye examinations for all family members at least every year or two.
Eye Examination Char and Glass - Eye Care in Rocky Mount, NC

Contact Lenses

At Rocky Mount Eye P.A. we offer eye exams for prescription contact lenses. Our optometrists will perform a complete examination and discuss the options available when it comes to contact lenses. We will help determine the type that will best fit your needs and lifestyle.
Contact Rocky Mount Eye P.A. at 252-443-1006 for details about our routine eye exams or to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled doctors.